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Poet, author, and very good friend of the Mercantile Library Holly Brians Ragusa launches her latest book of poetry, Tilt a World--Certainty Lacks Imagination at Joseph-Beth Cincinnati

As lauded by John Burroughs, the 2022-23 U.S. National Beat Poet Laureate: "Tilt a World is an astounding expedition through serial so-called certainties that are ultimately so much more, like an intense carnival ride, by turns thrilling and frightening, but also a revelation of complexity and possibility, a matter of life and death, and a beacon of hope. The speaker in these poems is “an empath taking the side of humanity” in the midst of a world “[h]igh on waging war,
conquering neighbors.” She is “both light and dark / And must burn for it.” And in the process, she draws us toward openness and light. This book is essential reading for our times."

Free & open to the public. Register via Joseph-Beth HERE.

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Tilt a World Book Launch
Tilt a World Book Launch


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