Temporary Quarters at the Mini-Merc

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414 Walnut St. 11th Story
Cincinnati, OH 45202

(513) 621 - 0717

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ask a librarian

Is the Library open? Yes. And No. 

414 Walnut Street is temporarily closed for construction. We’ve opened the Mini-Merc in the Fifth Third Museum at the Fifth Third Center on Fountain Square. 

The Mini-Merc is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. We’ll resume Saturday hours (and yoga) when we reopen. 

Did your phone number change? 

No. It has been forwarded to a mobile phone. We’ll answer it during operating hours at the Mini-Merc. But there's no voicemail. 

When will the Library reopen? 

We plan to move back to 414 Walnut Street in mid to late Summer, 2024.  

Can I work at the Mini-Merc? 

Yes, but you’ll need a wifi-hotspot of your own, or go old-school and work offline. 

Can I check out books? 

Absolutely! We hand-selected some of our favorites, as well as high-circulating titles to bring with us. And we are buying all the new books and then some. But we cannot go back to the Merc to get books off the shelves. Those are literally under wraps. You can search just what’s available at the Mini-Merc. Ask a Librarian for assistance.

Is there curbside service? 

YES! It is on Walnut Street, just before Fifth street. Call us a few minutes out, and let us know. 

Is there room enough for all of you at the Mini-Merc? 

It’s pretty cozy. So we rotate between the Mini-Merc, visiting our community partners, and working from home.   

Where are events happening? 

Most discussion groups are at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. Some discussions and our literary events are in various cool spaces around the city.  

How Will I Get Updates on Events and Construction? 

Same as always, check your inbox, visit the website, follow us on social. 

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