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Board of Directors

Along our spiral staircase you'll find photos of past presidents* of the Mercantile Library Board of Directors.

Our first woman board president was Carol Allgood, elected in 1983 for a two-year term, after joining the Library’s Board of Directors in 1969. Until her death in 2019, she was also our longest tenured member, having joined the library in 1957.


*Except the one with the violin. That’s Norwegian composer & violinist Ole Bull. We’re not sure why it isn’t really Joseph Cox, Jr.


The Board of Directors

Executive Committee: 
Gabrielle Blocher, President
Peter Niehoff, Vice President
Kimberly Hamlin, Secretary
Jay Rammes, Treasurer
Ben Greenberg

Jená Bradley
Mary P. Burns
Bridgit Chayt
Robert DiTomassi
Tom Freeman
Lynne Friedlander
Deborah Ginocchio
Tamara Harkavy
Laura Humphrey
Jerry Kathman
Meera Kotagal
Abby Moran
Elizabeth Pierce
Mike Prentiss
Greg Rhodes
Kitty Rosenthal
George Vincent
Kathy Wilkinson
Selina Yoon

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