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Staff Picks

We read books. In fact, we read A LOT of books. Some are great, some are... not so great. Here's one we think you might like.

August 2023

Tom Lake by Ann Patchett

This is a simple story doing spectacular things. It's a pandemic novel that skirts around the anxiety of the time to delve into the unexpected silver linings of time slowed and plans changed. It's a family story that's tender without being saccharine. It's a great man-genius story that relegates the great man to the sidelines to elevates the stories of the people around him.

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Tom Lake

January 2023

The Faraway World by Patricia Engel

Over 10 stories she explores lives in different countries and different classes, of people who left and people who stayed. As with her novel, Infinite Country, Engel’s authentic stories challenge the simple narratives we expect to read.

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The Faraway World

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